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We can Be anything, that we want to bee, But we are nothing without the Honeybee

Sacramento, Ca

Yummy Honey is a Herbally infused Kosher Honey  brand.

 We are here to dive deeply into bees, agriculture and living a sustainable life, We know that nothing happens by chance and that every event that occurs in your life has some deep lesson for you to learn. Collectively these experiences impact our community in a meaningful way. Our diplomacy means that we work to lower defenses and expose Our heart to the world. 



Honey dripping from a wooden honey

We can Be anything, that we want to bee, But we are nothing without the Honeybee

Sacramento, Ca

Kosher Honey

Yummy Honey, a Black woman-owned business, is a producer and distributor of Certified Kosher Honey, focusing on providing ethically prepared and environmentally conscious honey products. With a goal to make a positive change, Yummy Honey offers a variety of honey products with unique health benefits and applications, and is deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability, ethics, and culture.

Yummy Honey stands to never losing sight of our  goals of social and environmental sustainability.

 All while putting one Drip or drizzle of Yummy Honey in your life!  will not only provide these important nutrients, But you will be doing your part in the community as a whole.  You get the Drip!



Yummy Honey believes it is  important for the community to know where their food comes from.

Bees will assist in obtaining that knowledge which is food safety  the beneficiary qualities of bees and their by products.

As well as provide values that are needed to creatively educate the next generation along with their families about the intrinsic health benefits and healing value of food and its connection to ourselves and the planet.

with a BUZZ for growth as the Bee does for Us. 


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